Terms & Conditions

At Your Service offers flat rate pricing for travel to and from most major cities and airports/points of transit. For travel between locations in which flat rates do not exist, rates will be billed at the specific vehicle hourly rate plus any fees. Clients are billed from the time the vehicle leaves the At Your Service base until the time it returns to the At Your Service base. All reservations that are billed on an hourly basis, will be billed a minimum of thirty minutes travel time (portal time) each way plus the time the passenger is in the vehicle. All At Your Service vehicles are non-smoking.


Rides are billed to the client’s credit card. A guarantee of payment in full is required to reserve a vehicle.

At Your Service accepts the following cards:
Visa – MasterCard - Discover Card - American Express

Gratuity is included, unless otherwise stated. Stop time, wait time, two-way tolls, airport fees, parking charges and any holiday surcharges will also be added to the base if applicable.

Grace Period/Wait Time/Stop Time

For all point-to-point reservations, there is a 5 minute grace period before wait time charges apply. After 5 minutes, wait time will be based on the hourly rate.

At Your Service is able to monitor all commercial flights.  Therefore, wait time is not charged for any clients arriving on a commercial flight. At Logan Airport, TF Green Airport or Worcester Regional Airport the grace period after arrival is 30 minutes for domestic flights and 45 minutes for international flights.

  • Clients requesting stops on route during a point-to-point transfer will be charged a minimum of $20.00 per stop.
  • Clients requesting stops off route for point-to-point reservations will be based on the vehicle's hourly rate.

Cancellation/No Show Fees

  • Refunds will be issued if At Your Service, which reserves the right to cancel a reservation, initiates the cancellation.
  • If a client cannot locate their chauffeur, they are asked to call 508-238-5466 to avoid a 'no show' fee which is equal to the base fare and all applicable fees.

Please Note:

  • At Your Service shall not be liable for damaged or lost baggage, personal belongings, or any items left in the vehicle. At Your Service also shall not be liable for circumstances beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to acts of God.